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You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…

Or can you? Sandra Murphy MD of Equidiet (UK) Ltd seems to have bucked that saying into the history book.

Last week Sandra hosted a reception to mark the grant of her European Patent, and it was a pleasure for us to be able to attend and formally hand over the grant certificate.

Tim Fray, Sandra Murphy and Keith Loven

This marks a major milestone for Sandra as along the way she has had to juggle the patent costs with the costs associated with developing her business, her product and her brand. This is no mean feat and a credit to her perseverance and industriousness.

The reception was a general “thank you” to everyone that has helped her on her journey including Andy Aldridge from Consultant 3A, Dale Atkin from the Department of International Trade, and David Hawkins, from the Lincolnshire Business Hub.

Also attending were Lauren Ratcliffe, Eve Sadler-Wright from British Eventing, and Julie Payne – FEI Para Dressage Rider and European gold medallist, who all spoke about their experiences feeding Equidiet to their horses. Their stories were truly amazing; in some instances horses were near death and have since gone on to win competitions and gold medals, just through feeing Equidiet.

Sandra and her brand supporters.

If you have not come across Equidiet before then it is worth a moment. Equidiet is a complete horse feed, containing a cocktail of ingredients that bind water added to the diet before ingestion and the nutrients already in the food. Sandra calls it a sort of horse “smoothie”. After eating, the smoothie is digested and moved to the hind gut where it forms a bolus store of water and nutrients that the horse can metabolise over a long period. The diet dramatically increases the horse’s ability to store water and nutrients. The result is the prevention of dehydration which can lead to sudden fatality in horses, improved performance, and enhanced recovery from illness.

Sandra is currently marketing her diet in vet hospitals and with performance horses. She has great plans for supplying the diet through vending machines, and in different formats, and she has just returned from Dubai where the diet was warmly received by the racing fraternity.

We wish her the best of luck for the future.

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